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Work With Us

  • Virtual Assistant Buchhaltung (F/M/X)
    Small location icon Remote
  • Werkstudentische Teamassistenz (DE) (F/M/X)
    Small location icon Remote oder Hybrid
    Small workload Icon 5-10h / Woche
    Small salary icon 15€ / Stunde
  • Freelancer:in (DE) (F/M/X)

What Former Employees Say

The asynchronous way of working gave me a lot of flexibility as a student and I could work how it suited me best. Thanks for the great time!
- Nicole Vollmann, former working student

How We Work

Modern & Digital

Everything is digital at our company. We use one server for our files. Our internal collaboration runs entirely through Basecamp. In parallel, we use tools like HEY, Toggl or 1Password.


Together in the office we are very rarely, the majority of our team works completely remote.


Almost all communication is asynchronous. Only the most important decisions are made in meetings or phone calls. This allows us to work how, where and when we want.