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Marketing for Startups

Online Marketing for Your Startup


✨ High Quality

We deliver content at the highest level, whether it's text, image, or video.

💪 Flexible

Before every project, we decide together what is most important at the moment and adjust our resources flexibly.

🤖 On Autopilot

If necessary, our team runs on autopilot. Allowing you to focus on other matters.

Building Blocks

🎥 Video & Photo Production

No experience with video production? We can help.

✏️ Text & Copywriting

No time to write posts, marketing emails and video texts? We'll take care of it!

🪩 Film Studio

No location? Easy, we have a film and photo studio in Munich.

♟️ Strategy

Not sure where to start with marketing? We can help with that.

🎨 Graphic Design

We take over the design of your social media posts!

📈 Performance Marketing

We manage your advertising campaigns.

📅 Organic Marketing

We take care of your next Insta post!

🎭 Community Management

Answering comments isn't your thing? No problem, we'll do it.

⚡️ Freelancers

Over 500 freelancers in our database are ready for your projects.

Cost Overview

Social Media Management

Organic post, community, and social media account management with daily engagement. Includes:

  • organic marketing and community manager
  • performance evaluation and summary
  • project management


plus 19% VAT

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Content Production

Content writing and creation of social media posts for 4-8 weeks. Includes:

  • content writer
  • art direction & graphic design
  • project management


plus 19% VAT

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Video Production

Small video shoot with editing of up to 20 video snippets. Includes:

  • creative producer
  • video production freelancer
  • camera & lighting equipment
  • video postproduction artist
  • project management


plus 19% VAT

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Need a custom setup? Let's draft it together! Could include:

  • additional shooting days
  • additional post-production days
  • performance marketing
  • models and testimonials
  • ... and more
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